Welcome to the online help and best practices for using SyAM's Unified Management solution

Recent Updates to the software

Site Manager - V1.36 Release (June 2019)

  • Added Custom Asset Fields
  • Added ability to move multiple Chromebooks to a new Org Path
  • Modified Function, Location, Department, Owner Asset fields to allow values to be saved and shown even if not in use with an Asset
  • Updated UI to go back to page 1 when editing filters
  • Remove email alerts to customers for updates that are not private
  • Expanded Canned Text Description box when creating a new canned text
  • Expanded Ticket comments box
  • Fixed Bugs for column sorting in Dashboards (Except Assignee)

Site Manager - V1.35 Release (January 2019)

  • Added support for mobile ticketing interface for technicians
  • Added ability to allow email replies from techs and distribution list to update ticket comments
  • Added Assign to multiple users feature in header bar
  • Added Group controls for import/export Reporting Deleting for assets and ticketing
  • Changed username name to show instead of windows login name against ticket comments
  • Shows full comment in self service portal
  • Fixed bug where closing tickets from the Dashboard did not show the technicians name
  • Added *Required to Event type on Create ticket screen
  • Fixed Chromebook classification - now it only updates if its ungrouped
  • Fixed Chromebook AnnotatedAssetID - now shows in asset details
  • Automatically updates Chromebook location and function from MDM Org path settings
  • Fixed the iOS device location updating

Management Utilities - V5.28 Release (July 2019)

  • Added Chromebook Management for Organization Paths, Users and Device Management
  • Support for iOS13 devices

Management Utilities - V5.27 Release (October 2018)

  • Added support for iOS12 devices
  • Added Support for Lost mode of Supervised Devices with Message and Audio Alarm
  • Added ability to remotely Shutdown or Restart an iOS device that is Supervised
  • Added ability to scan and perform iOS updates
  • Added search for device in Managed Devices - iOS
  • Added Compliance Summary for Groups
  • Added Application License breakdown in VPP token
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements to multi filter and remove on success features
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements to the execution of jobs
  • Support for 5 simultaneous jobs

System Area Manager / System Client V4.67 Release (Summer 2018)

  • New Remote Console supported in all browsers
  • Support for Site Manager to allow multiple techs to access the same remote console session
  • Agent checks asset changes every hour
  • No monitoring of networks devices
  • Only monitor c: loigcal drive
  • Only monitor 1st physical drive

SyAM Backup and Restore Application V1.29 (January 2018)

  • Updated with support for SQL Server Path on non default settings