Deploying Adobe Shockwave 12.2

Contact Adobe for access to the Shockwave installers that support enterprise deployment. In this document we will deploy Shockwave using the full installer executable sw_lic_full_installer.exe. A slim executable is also available from Adobe; consult their documentation to determine which one you should use. The installation procedure is the same in either case.

Save the Shockwave installation executable to the network share where up deploy applications from

Create Third Party Template

Enter a Template Name. Choose Windows as the Target Platform. Select your Windows authentication template from the drop down menu.

Enter, if necessary, the path to the executable. (The path will be displayed automatically if the Default Application Path is defined on the Administration Settings page.) Click the Find Files button, then choose the Shockwave installation executable from the drop down menu.

Enter /S in the Parameters box. This must be an upper-case S.