Mobile Device Management

The Mobile Device Management option provides the IT organization with the ability to perform management functions to their mobile devices.

Currently the software support management of Apple iPads, iPhones running iOS 6.0 and above


Static IP Address on the Internet to allow management of the devices anywhere in the world - this can also be name using a DNS service point back tot he IP such as DYN who SyAM can provide

Firewall rule to forward MDM Secure port to server running the Management Utilities IP Address

Apple IP to create Apple Push Certificate

Apple VPP account to purchase free and paid for apps

Glossary of Terms

Platform Configuration

The iOS or Chromebook settings

MDM Server Settings

The server configuration for the mobile device management function

VPP Token

Apple Volume Purchase Program Token

Managed Devices

List of iOS devices that are enrolled in the MDM Server


A collection of payloads that can be applied to a managed device


A collection of settings that can be applied to a managed device through a Profile. These settings could be restrictions of features available to the device, wireless network configuration or web links that would be placed on the Managed Device


Tree structure representing users and managed devices


User is the name used to enroll the device. You add a User to a Group to control enrolling devices directly into that Group


Interface to configure Payloads and Profiles


The configuration of the polling cycle for iOS devices and the integration into Site Manager Asset database