Quick Start Guide

To get up and running you perform three steps

1. Setup MDM Server

2. Create a Group

3. Enroll iOS device

Setting up MDM Server

    1. Log into Management Utilities – Select Mobile Device Manager
    2. Under Administrator enter MDM Server Configuration
    3. Refresh browser – Confirm MDM Server URL Link
    4. Create Certificate Request – download certificate request file
    5. Log into your Apple Account – Create Certificate
    6. Upload certificate request file and download Push certificate
    7. Upload Push Certificate and Save
    8. Check off MDM profile and press Save
    9. Select Administration – Services - Push
    10. Choose Poll Device Every (Time interval) from drop down menu  and press Update

Create a Group

    1. Select Groups from the left hand menu - Then Click on the + Icon to create a group
    2. Now give the group a name and press Save
    3. Click on the Group, select the User tab and click the Add User button - give the user a name and password

Enroll an iOS Device

    1. Connect the iOS device to your wireless network
    2. Open Safari and browse to the MDM Server URL Link
    3. Download the Root Certificate and install
    4. Click on the Enroll and enter the user name and password in the group you wish to enroll into