Adding the SyAM Client to an Image

By adding the SyAM Client to your Image you can simplify the management and tracking of the asset as it will be configured immediately after the imaged systems is powered on.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Install the System Client (v4.61 or above) on the machine that is being configured for the master image.
  2. Add the SyAM System Client to the System Area Manager, and you can program it with a default Location and Function that you wish for the imaged systems to use.  It is recommended to not set the Location and Function if you are creating one (1) master image for all physical locations.
  3. Configure the Power Management schedule and settings that you wish for the imaged systems to use.
  4. Save your Master Image and start deploying to your target systems.

When the imaged systems starts up, they will now automatically correct their internal SyAM ID (referred to as the SyAM GUID). Within a few minutes the newly imaged systems will start reporting up to the System Area Manager. They will be in the default Location and Function groups that you defined, and will have their Power Settings already programmed. 

So aside for any modifications to their Location or Function, no further configuration will be required.  If the systems imaged had previously been managed by the System Area Manager they will now appear with their new Machine Name, replacing their old name in the Management tree. 

The System Area Manager will automatically identify them and update the SyAM Database with their new details, linking the history of the hardware to the new machine name and will not require any further licenses to manage them.