Asset Protection (Insurance Policy Tracking)

SyAM can assist with the 1 to 1 Asset Protection Policy tracking, from a Portal for parents to choose the Policy to issuing claims through the Help Desk and reporting on payments due.

Steps to setup the Insurance Tracking

1. Chromebook Integration with GAC through the SyAM MDM provides all of the Chromebook Asset Data

- The day a Chromebook is enrolled into GAC it will report into the Asset Dashboard

2. The student is assigned a Chromebook Asset, the Asset is updated with the students Windows login which is entered in the Owner field

- Assets can be updated in bulk with the owner information using the Asset import feature

3. Create the Event Table that will define the specific Chromebook events that are recorded on a ticket

- These will cover all related issue that are reported, both insured events and non insured events

4. The school Asset Protection Policy Templates are created

- There can be multiple of these including a policy that declines coverage

5. The student subscribes to one of the Asset Protection Policies

- This can be manually added, imported or signed up through the portal

Chromebook Asset Protection Insurance Training Slides