Auto Updating of Apps

Apps are continually being updated by the App vendors, to simplify the automation of keeping the Apps running the latest version you have the ability to enable  Auto Update within the App Package

When set the Auto update option enables the MDM checks during the Sync routine to see if there are any updates available for the app, if there are it will then deploy the updated app to the devices being synced

We realize that there may be some Apps you don't wish to update so each App in each App Package can be configured. 

Select your App Package and then check off which Apps you wish to have automatically updated when a new version of the App is released, it saves the information as you check or uncheck the boxes

In this example Within the Google App Package, Chrome and Google Docs Apps are set to Auto update but not Google Drive and YouTube.

If you wish to have Chrome deployed to specific iOS devices but not have them upgrade automatically then create another App Package, add the Chrome App but don't check off Auto Updating.

In the following example -  the Finance App Package has the other Apps except Chrome set to Auto Update.

Knowing if a device has App updates Available

When viewing a device, it will show non-compliant if there are apps that require updating and Auto Updating was selected in the App Package.

When viewing the device details, you can view the apps with updates available under the Installed Applications panel

**PLEASE NOTE - The device will show compliant if there are app updates available but the app was not set to Auto Update.