Bulk Deprovision

To Deprovision devices using a CSV file, include three columns in your file: 

  • Serial number 
  • Status: This column is used to indicate the action you are taking. Use the value “Deprovision” to indicate that you want to deprovision those devices.
  • Reason: Enter one of the following reasons for deprovisioning the device;
    • different_model_replacement: Use if you're upgrading or replacing your device with a newer model of the same device.
    • retiring_device: Use if you're reselling, donating, or permanently removing the device from use.
    • same_model_replacement: Use if a hardware issue was encountered on a device and it is being replaced with the same model or a like-model replacement from a repair vendor / manufacturer.
    • upgrade_transfer: Use if you're replacing your Cloud Ready devices with Chromebooks within one year