Discovery Template

The Discovery Template is discussed in the section on the Network Discovery Wizard. Whether you are using the interface in Configure Templates, or the Network Discovery Wizard, or the Unattended Installation Wizard, the same options are available for creating, editing or removing a Discovery Template.

In this example we have defined a template called Office. The group name is Office Network and the discovery is through an IP Scan of IP addresses to with no filtering on machine name, and allowing systems with duplicate information.

Filtering for discovery templates is based on machine names. A single filter can be used to include systems; multiple filters can be used to exclude systems. Wildcards can be used in filters. A question mark substitutes a single character, an asterisk for an indefinite number of characters. 

In this example we have defined a template called Finance OU. The group name is Finance and the discovery is of the Organizational Unit called Finance on the Domain called  TESTDOMAIN with filtering set to only show machines where the machine name contains xp.

For all template types, you can select multiple existing templates to copy or remove.