Enable the Public Form

  1. Open Administration – Self Service – Public Form – click create 
  2. Select the form (Name you gave the checklist)
  3. Select your school district
  4. Select the Parent Reported Issue event type  (This will be used when the form does not contain the syameventtype field).
  5. Type in the text you wish to display to the end user after they press submit.
  6. Press Save

The screen will present the forms created along with their URL link.

You can edit your settings by clicking Edit or remove the form by pressing Delete

**Please Note

When adding the form to your web site change the IP address to the A record name so it can be accessible from outside of the school network


This would not work outside of the local network as it uses a local IP address in the URL

This will work from anywhere as we are using the A Record name that routes back to the server


Example showing how data is mapped from the form to the ticket details.