1. Icons

There are four icons that represent the type of SyAM System Client software running on the managed system.

Server System Client

Desktop System Client

Notebook System Client

Tablet System Client

    1. Tree Icons

System Alert Matrix – Provides access to the thresholds, sample and reset periods, and notification options for all of the monitored hardware and software sensors within the system

Remote Management – Provides access to the remote functions, Shutdown, Restart, Wake on LAN and Remote Console which provides the administrator full access to the remote systems keyboard, mouse and screen.

IPMI – Provides access to IPMI Event log data while system is running, also provides IPMI Over LAN Power Management and Event Log access out of band (system may be powered off).

System – Provides system board, memory, CPU, slot, display, port information and status of the CPU and Memory utilization being monitored, in addition memory error information is displayed. 

Hardware – Provides sensor information and current status on physical sensors being monitored within the system.

Network – Provides network adapter configuration information and performance for all configured adapters within the system.

Storage – Provides physical storage device, storage controller, logical device information and health status for the storage devices and managed RAID controllers.

Software – Provides information on OS services, processes, and installed applications. Also provides remote and process management.