Installing the Microsoft KB2921916 silently

Obtain the hotfix file from Microfot for the KB2921916

Unzip the hotfix .msu file and copy to the folder location where you have Logger Pro

in our example we used a folder called 


Create a batch file to install the hotfix and reboot the machine to complete the hotfix installation


mkdir c:\tmps

xcopy /Y \\\apps\LoggerPro3_11_SilentInstaller\Windows6.1-KB2921916-x64.msu c:\tmps

expand -f:* "C:\tmps\Windows6.1-KB2921916-x64.msu" %TEMP%

pkgmgr.exe /quiet /n:%TEMP%\Windows6.1-KB2921916-x64.xml


- Change the IP to the IP of your server containing the shared apps folder

- Change the Path to your LoggerPro files per your shared apps folder configuration

**PLEASE NOTE - this will reboot the system to complete the installation so run when there are no users on the target system(s)

Save the batch file in the shared folder - in our example the batch file is called KB2921916-win7-restart.bat

Create the Third Party template to run the batch file

Remember to check off Copy these files and also check off Do not check for process completion