Installing and Configuring the Helpdesk Dashboard

Downloading the Files

There are two files you need to download, the Dashboard XLSM file and the SQL stored procedure

Dashboard Excel File

Dashboard Store Procedure

After downloading the stored procedures open SQL Studio, copy the file into a new query and run the sql script against the syamdb - this only needs to be run once.

Configuring the SQL Connection

Open SQL Configuration Manager, select SQL Server Network Configuration, select the protocols for your SQL database instance.

Click to Enable TCP/IP in the right window

You will need to restart SQL before this will take effect.

If you do not see SQL Configuration Manager from the Windows menu you can open it up from a command line using Sqlservermanager11.msc  

(You may need to change the number from 11 if not using SQL 2012)

Check to make sure the SQL Browser service is enabled and running.

SQL Authentication

For the data to be inserted into the Excel Dashboard it must be configured to use a user that has read/write rights to the syamdb database.

In our example the server's name is nuc-2019 and the database instance is SQL Server which is represented by \

If we were running sqlexpress the DB Serve entry would be


To remove the native database query pop up that appears when you refresh the data:

Open Excel         

- Click on Data 

- Get Data 

- Query Options. Once you click Query Options you will get another Pop-up Window 

- Select Security - You will get Native Database Queries 

- uncheck