Renewing the DEP Token

When the DEP Token is nearing its expiration date, it will be necessary to renew it to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

Step 1 

Log into your Apple School/Business Manager account.

Click on your user name located in the lower left corner and select "Preferences."

Select the name of the DEP Server that requires renewal.

Click on "Download Token."

Step 2 

Log into the SyAM MDM platform.

Click on "Administration" and select "DEP."

Choose "Add Server Token" and select the token file downloaded from ASM/ABM.

Wait for the token to sync.

Step 3

Click the new DEP token after it finishes syncing.

Create a new base profile by clicking on "Profile."

Delete the old expired DEP Token.

By completing these steps, you have successfully renewed the DEP Token.