System Area Manager & System Client

  1. Introduction

SyAM Software provides a comprehensive, simple to use set of system management products for servers, desktops, notebooks and tabletsEach product has features specific to their relevant system's capabilities and functions, as well as a large number of common features. Their user interfaces are identical.

The products enable several IT benefits. Among them are predictive alerting to pending failures, system configuration, unattended monitoring and alerting, remote management, and reporting. The products dynamically discover the hardware and software operating environment, and manage all physical environmental sensors available and operating system resources. Users can view them and be alerted if they exceed their thresholds.

There are two levels of system management. System Client software provides a single system view. System Area Manager provides a unified view of all of your systems, and also provides more comprehensive features.

The System Client management products are:

  • Server System Client
  • Desktop System Client 
  • Notebook System Client
  • Tablet System Client

The Central Management product is: 

  • System Area Manager

This user manual describes the System Area Manager software. The following sections will describe the product functionality of the System Area Manager itself, and also explain how using the System Area Manager to manage other systems unlocks features in those systems.