The Management Utilities enable you to deploy applications to target systems silently as a scheduled job or on demand.

Starting with Management Utilities V5.12 it is no longer required that target systems have System Clients installed and connected to a System Area Manager.

To deploy an application you must configure a Third Party Template.

Give the template a name, choose your target operating system, and then choose the authentication template that will be used to install the software on the target systems. Enter the path to where the application exe is stored; it will automatically point to the network share that you have set up in Administration Settings.

Enter the silent installation parameters specific for the application you are going to install, then press the Add button to confirm the settings. You can enter more information and add again if your application has multiple programs to run to complete the installation.

Click the Save Changes button to save your template.

In our example we are installing the Microsoft Silverlight executable using the /q silent installation parameter.