In order to be able to remotely deploy BIOS updates to systems you will need the necessary files from the Board/BIOS vendor that will allow the installation to run under Windows silently without any user prompting.

Create a folder within the Shared Apps folder to contain the BIOS update files

Copy the files to the shared folder - in our example the folder is called BIOS

Create a batch file that will copy and execute the BIOS update to the target system(s)

@echo off



mkdir c:\tmps

xcopy /Y \\\apps\bios\*.* c:\tmps

cd tmps

AFUWINx64.exe R01-A4.8M /p /b /n /r


rd c:\tmps /S /Q


**Change to your IP Adders and folder path

Create a Third Party Template to deploy the BIOS Update

Check off - Do Not Check for process completion and Copy these files locally