App Deployment - VPP Token 

Using the VPP Token Apps can be deployed to iOS devices silently and without the requirement of Apple ID's on the iOS devices.

Log into your Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager

Click on Settings 

Click on Apps and Books

Click on Download  next to the location to download the VPP token for that location

**PLEASE NOTE each location is a unique VPP token

To Upload your VPP Token click on Administration - Platform Configuration Settings - Apple iOS - VPP

**PLEASE NOTE you can upload more than one token

When you first load your token it will automatically start a sync (Grey indicator bars will move) to see if it is in use by another application

When it completes the sync, press the the Force Take Over Icon (Orange icon) to complete the upload and control of the Token to your SyAM MDM Server.

**PLEASE NOTE when you upload your token and force take over you will will no longer be able to use it on any prior MDM solution the token was used with

Once the Force Take Over has completed you will have the License Count and Available numbers and will be able to create Managed Applications.

The Last Sync date/time will be shown, it will automatically re sync every 24 hours from this date/time.

Performing a Sync on Demand

You can perform a Sync on demand by clicking on the Sync button

License Summary

Deleting a VPP Token

To Delete the VPP Token click on the Delete button

This will remove the apps from the iOS devices next time they are synchronized