Deploying NWEA Lockdown Browser V5.4.89

**Please Note - NWEA V5.4.89 now installs a desktop shortcut as part of the software installation and upgrades any existing version of NWEA

Requirements: Obtain the NWEA installation file and place into a folder under your shared apps folder called NWEA

Do not have spaces in the folder name

Remove the spaces from the name of the exe

Create a batch file to perform the silent installation using setuplockdownbrowser.exe  located in the Apps\NWEA folder 


mkdir c:\tmps

xcopy /Y \\\apps\nwea\setuplockdownbrowser.exe c:\tmps

c:\tmps\setuplockdownbrowser.exe /S /v/qn

rd c:\tmps /S /Q


cd \users

del "NWEA Lockdown Browser.lnk" /S /Q


Add these lines to remove the shortcut to the older version of NWEA

- Change the IP to the IP of your server containing the shared apps folder

- Change the Path to your LoggerPro files per your shared apps folder configuration

In the Management Utility create a Third Party Deployment Template called NWEA to run the batch file.

Run the Third party deployment against the systems you wish to install NWEA Lockdown Browser to.