Deploying Viewsonic MyViewBoard

Download the non licensed version of the myviewboard msi file from the viewsonic web site

or log into the customer portal and download the msi licensed to your organization.

Step 1 - Creating the MST with your Organzaion Info

Editing the myviewboard.msi download to add in your organization.

Download the ORCA database editor

Install ORCA and then edit the downloaded myviewboard.msi using ORCA

From the top menu select Transform - New Transform

Select Property from the Tables list on the left, then enter your Organization information under the ORGANIZATION property

From the top menu select Transform - Generate Transform

Give the file a name and press save


Step 2 Creating the Batch file

Copy the myviewboard MSI and the MST file you created to the shared apps folder myviewboard

Create teh following batch file to handle the installation of the MSI with the MST


mkdir c:\tmps

xcopy /Y \\\apps\myviewboard\*.* /S c:\tmps

msiexec /i c:\tmps\myViewBoard64_setup_2.57.2.0.msi TRANSFORMS="c:\tmps\syam-myviewboard.mst" /q

rd c:\tmps /S /Q


Change this to the IP address of your server.

Change this to the name of your MST file.

Step 3 Creating the Third Party Template