Supervised Restrictions can only be applied to iOS devices that are in Supervised mode.

Allow account modification

Disables the ability to log into iTunes or App Store

Allow air drop

Disables the ability to use Airdrop

Allow app cellular data modification

Disables the ability to modify cellular settings

Allow Siri from querying user-generated content 

Disables Siri from querying user gernated content

Allow iBookstore

iBookstore remains on the device but it disables downloading books

Allow user to download media from the iBookstore that has been tagged as erotica

Disables the ability to download books that are tagged as erotica

Allow Messages app

Removes Message App and Icon

Allow Find My Friends

Removes Find my Friends App and Icon

Allow Game Center

Removes Game Center App and Icon

Allow host pairing

Disables host pairing except for theHost used for Supervision

Allow user to install configuration profiles and certificates interactively

Disables the user from installing configuration profiles and certificates

Allow Passcode Modification

This removes the Touch ID & Passcode option from Settings

Allow Device Name Modification

This disables the device name from bing changes both locally on the device and remotely modifying the device name using SyAM MDM

Allow Wallpaper Modification

This disables the wall paper option both locally on the device and remotely modifying the wall paper using SyAM MDM

Allow Erase Content and Settings

This removes the Erase All Content and Settings from the Reset page under General Settings

Allow Spotlight Internet Results

Disables Spotlight Internet results

Allow Enabling Restrictions

Disables the Restriction options in General Settings

Allow Podcasts

Removes Podcasts App and Icon

Allow Definition Lookup

Disables word definition lookup

Allow Predictive Keyboard

Disables Predictive Keyboard setting in Keyboard - General - Settings

Allow Autocorrection

Disables Autocorrection setting in Keyboard - General - Settings

Allow Spell Check

Disables Spell Check setting in Keyboard - General - Settings

Allow Music Service

Disables the music service

Allow News

This removes the News App icon from the home screen

Allow UI App InstallationWhen false, the App Store is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. However, users may continue to use iTunes, Configurator to install or update their apps.

This removes the App Store icon from the home screen

Allow Keyboard Shortcuts

Disables keyboard shortcuts - such as TTYL talk to you later

Allow Paired Watch

Disables the pairing of the device to the Apple Watch

Allow Automatic App Downloads

Disables the ability to automatically download app updates

Allow Radio Service

Disables the Radio service in music

Allow Notifications Modification

Disables the Notification configuration options under General Settings

Allow Remote Screen Observation

Disables the screen sharing ability when used with Apple Classroom

Allow Diagnostic Submission Modification

Disables the ability for the user to manually set the device to report diagnostic reports

Allow Bluetooth Modification

This will stop the user from enabling/disabling Bluetooth and connecting to Bluetooth devices