You can track and lock down missing iOS devices if they are Supervised


Click on the iOS device you wish to track.

Lost Mode

When enabled the iOS device is locked down and the user is unable to access the iOS device.

You can configure to have the device play a sound until the device is found and the sleep button pressed or the disable Lost Mode command is sent to the device..

If the device does not have a passcode it will stay locked even after being powered off.

If the device has a passcode enabled after being powered off it will no longer access WiFi – This means the device must be physically attached to a system running iTunes to restore the device back to factory settings.

If the device was originally supervised via Apple Configurator 2 the device will no longer be supervised after it is restored to Factory Settings

If the device was enrolled in DEP the device will report to the DEP Server after it is restored to Factory Settings 

Restoring Back to factory Settings

In the event that the iOS device needs restoring back to factory settings you need perform the following actions.

Power off iOS device

Connect cable to Computer running iTunes 

Hold the home screen button down and the connect the iOS device with the cable attached to the computer running iTunes.