The User Group is a way for Administrators to control the features and functions accessible by other users.

Click on Add  Group, give it a name and description then check off the features accessible to users in this group

Click the check box next to the group you wish to modify the functionality, then click on the function you wish to enable under Asset Management and Ticketing

By default all functions are made available

Group Controls of Features & Functions




Authorization to add/edit/remove valued applications, configure ticketing for events, administer the Knowledge Base, define email settings, add/edit/remove users and groups, and edit site information such as allocation of groups to the site or auto ticketing

Asset Management

Functional Control

Access to Asset information

Delete and Asset

Export an Asset

Import an Asset

Report on Assets

Audit Assets

Site Summary

Dashboard showing current site and recent event status, drill down to system and event details.

Knowledge Base

Authorization to view, create and edit Knowledge Base articles

License Management

Authorization to modify password for System Area Manager secure communication 

Remote Management

Access to systems at the remote sites through web browser using Remote Console or Remote Desktop 


Functional Control

Access to ticketing system

Delete a Ticket

Export Tickets

Report on Tickets


Provide access to the reports on the details of System Clients reporting to Site Manager