As the Google Drive Windows Applications is being phased out by Google they have replaced it with Google Drive File Stream.

The following scripts enable the removal of the Google Drive, Backup & Sync by Google, applications and removal of any Google Drive Desktop Shortcuts

Removing Existing Google Drive and Backup & Sync by Google applications

Create a batch file and save to your shared apps folder


:: remove google drive

START /WAIT /MIN WMIC product where "Name LIKE '%%Google Drive%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

:: remove google backup and sync

START /WAIT /MIN WMIC product where "Name LIKE '%%Backup and Sync from Google%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive


Create a batch file to remove the Google Drive Shortcut



cd \users

del "Google Drive.lnk" /S /Q


Create Third Party Templates to run each of the batch files and the Google Drive File Stream installation

check copy these files locally.

Google Drive File Stream Deployment 

Download the offline Google Drive File Stream exe and save in the shared apps folder

Create a Third Party template, use the --silent parameters and check copy these files locally.

Create a Managed Job Template to run all three Third Party Templates

To use the Managed Job Template, select the systems and choose the template from the Schedule Job