Associating an Asset to the Ticket

If the ticket was created without an associated asset this can be done by the technician when editing the ticket.

When editing the ticket click on the Ticket # tab, this will open the ticket details, 

Within the Ticket details you can associate an asset through one of these 3 methods

Show Available assets 

This shows all assets in the selected location and room number (If populated) that relate to the event being reported

e.g. shows all desktops if a Computer Hardware Event is selected

Show Customer Systems 

This shows all assets that the customer is the owner of the asset

e.g. shows the phone and printer that the person is the owner of even though a Computer Hardware Event is selected

Search Asset by name, number, owner, serial number, description 

This brings up the results from the search to select from

e.g. shows the phone and iPad that have 123 in their serial number

Once the asset has been associated click on Save Ticket