Adding a sensor to the alert matrix

Sensors are automatically monitored. They have their sensor category default notifications applied to them.

Asset-monitoring event

Discrepancy in the systems physical and software inventory.

Central Alert Matrix

Administrators use this screen to define the notifications for all of the managed systems. 

Central Alert Notification Settings

Notification and configuration details for the Central Alert Matrix.

Central Management Tree

Displays in a tree format all of the managed systems.

Changing Central Management Tree grouping

Click on the <Group By> drop down menu to group systems by Location, Function, or 

Operating System.

Changing Central Management Tree sorting order

Click on the <Sort By> drop down menu to sort by IP address or Machine Name.

Changing to which System Area Manager the system reports 

Remove the system from the first System Area Manager tree to stop the system from reporting. Once this is done, add the system to the second System Area Manager tree by following the instructions “Add Managed System”

Critical Level

The level of the threshold which is operating beyond the normal and warning thresholds.

Current Value

The actual reported sensor reading for the system component on a timed reporting cycle.

Email #1/ #2

Primary and secondary administrator email addresses

Event Log

Record of all of the managed systems events.

From Address

Administrators can define a unique name for the SyAM alerting email address.

Graceful shutdown

Shutdown a managed system remotely if the agent on that system is in a functioning state.

Grouping systems

Group managed system by location, operating system, or function.

Hardware Detail Screen

Information on the system components being monitored, including fans, temperature, voltages, etc.

Hardware Event

When a threshold is met or exceeded by a physical component of the system. 

Header Bar

The header bar within this browser contains the <Logout> <Refresh> <?> function buttons

Health colors

Green         = Fully Functional

Amber         = Warning threshold exceeded

Red         = Critical Threshold exceeded

Grey         = System update pending

Blue         = Agent has been manually stopped

Purple         = System is no longer responding

Black         = System has been shut down

Brown        = System power state has been suspended


Readings on all monitored systems and components are at preset cycles of 60 seconds.

IPMI Event Log

Hardware event log stored within the IPMI based server

Logical Sensor

Storage, network adapters, removable disk drives, and CPU and memory usage.


Administrators must login using a user name and password that has administrative rights to the machine that is running SyAM software

Lower threshold

The lowest threshold to be alerted upon if it is exceeded.

Network Detail Screen

Information on network adapters and their configuration.

Network Event

Network connectivity is lost.

Notification Settings

Email, SMS/pager, System Area Manager, Network Messages and SNMP Traps.

Performance utilization event

CPU or memory utilization threshold is met or exceeded.

Physical Sensors

Physical Security, Fans, Temperature, Voltages and Power Unit sensor monitored

Platform Event Trap (PET)

SNMP formatted trap received from IPMI-enabled server

Remote Management

Shutdown, Reset, Wake on LAN and Remote Console. IPMI Over LAN, AMT Remote Management

Remote Console

The Remote Console provides the capability of taking control of a managed systems local screen, keyboard and mouse directly through the web browser from the System Area Manager Interface. 

Removing a sensor from the System Alert matrix

To remove a sensor it must be in a critical state, then click on the “X” to permanently delete this sensor from the alert matrix.

Removing systems from System Area Manager Tree

To remove a system from the System Area Manager Tree, select the system and click on the X.

Reset period

The frequency of notifications sent after the initial alert has been sent and if the sensor has not been corrected.

Restore Physical Sensor Thresholds

This will reset to the original sensor threshold values when you click on this button.

Sample period

Time that is used to take CPU and Memory utilization samples.

Sensor Status Change back to normal

When a sensor returns back to within its operating threshold range.

SyAM Agent

Non-intrusive monitoring agent configured and managed by the SyAM  System Area Manager

SyAM System Area Manager

Provides monitoring and communications with all managed agents

SyAM System Client

Non-intrusive monitoring agent that can be browsed to directly or managed and configured from the SyAM System Area Manager

SyAM System Client Tree

Browsing directly to a system running SyAM System Client.

SMS Pager #1/#2

Primary and secondary administrator SMS/Pager addresses.

SMTP address

Mail system address: example: or

SNMP Traps

Notification from a System Client or System Area Manager to an enterprise framework server. Requires System Area Management (SyAM) MIB to be installed on enterprise framework server.

Software Detail Screen

Information on the processes, services, and applications installed.

Storage Detail Screen

Information on physical and logical disks, controllers and removable devices.

Storage Event

Logical disk has reached its utilization threshold, Loss of logical disk, or Loss of Physical disk.

System Absent

When the System Area Manager is no longer able to communicate with a managed system, it is reported as being absent, unless it was correctly shutdown.

System Alert Matrix

Interface to configure sensor thresholds and notification options.

System Alert Notification Settings

Notification and configuration details for the System Alert matrix.

System Detail Screen

Information on the system’s configuration, BIOS, operating system, location, memory, CPU, etc. 

Upper Threshold

The highest threshold to be alerted upon if exceeded.

User name and Password for outgoing Authentication

Enter the administrator user name and password (if the outgoing email system requires authentication)


Displays the Revision and contact details for the product.

Wake on LAN

Power up a WOL-enabled managed system. 

Warning Level

The level of the threshold that is operating between the normal and critical thresholds.

    1. Differences between System Client and SyAM System Area Manager

The following table lists the features available when managing systems from a System Area Manager vs managing systems locally (with System Client – Server/Desktop/Notebook).


System Client 

System Area


System Level Alerting

  • Email
  • SMS/Pager
  • SyAM Central Event Log 
  • SNMP (Enterprise Managers)
  • System Event Log (MOM)
  • Thresholds 
  • Sample Periods
  • Reset Periods

Centralized Alerting

  • Email
  • SMS/Pager
  • SNMP

Centralized Monitoring

  • System Absence
  • Platform Event Traps (PETs)
  • Asset Changes

Remote Management

  • Graceful Shutdown/Restart
  • Remote Console (KVM)
  • IPMI Over LAN (Power on/off)
  • IPMI Over LAN (Event Log)
  • AMT Remote Power functions
  • AMT Remote Control
  • AMT System Defense
  • DASH
  • Data Center Management

Storage Management

  • Logical Utilization Monitoring
  • Removable Device Monitoring
  • RAID Monitoring
  • RAID Configuration / Management

Software Management

  • End Process
  • Start/Stop Service

Power Management

  • Power Policy Configuration
  • Power shutdown/Restart Scheduler

Event Logging

  • Monitored event logging
  • Performance Snapshot Event
  • Filtering / Sorting
  • Output to file

Asset / Inventory Reporting

  • Summary
  • Detailed
  • CSV / HTML / XML output