Remote Console in Site Manager

Remote Console can be launched within the Site Manager Asset Management

Asset Details

Search and select the name of the target system.

Click on the asset to open the details panel.  If the system is powered on, the remote console can be launched by clicking the icon in the lower right corner.

A new browser tab will open, Please wait while it connects.

Once connected you will have a password screen ………

Enter the Remote Console password to authenticate (Default is 1234).  Again, this can be set through the Remote Console Template in Management Utilities

If you have changed the password from the default, entering 1234 will give you a view only remote connection

Once Authenticated, you will be presented with the remote target system.  This is interactive, so you can see what the user is doing, or you can take control.

Multiple technicians can access remote console at once if collaboration is required to resolve the issue.