Before a new version of SMART Notebook can be installed you must first remove the prior version and reboot the computer

You can automate the removal of SMART Notebook using the Management Utilities - 3rd Party software deployment.

Create a batch file and save in the server share defined for your applications.



copy "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\SMART Technologies\SMART Uninstaller\SMART Uninstaller.exe" "%TEMP%"

start /wait "SMART Uninstaller" "%TEMP%\SMART Uninstaller.exe" --noui --uninstall-all --uilevel none

del "%TEMP%"\SMART Uninstaller.exe"

shutdown -r -t 30


Now create a 3rd party software deployment template and check the option "copy these files locally..."

Now select the systems that need the software removed and run the new template Remove SMART Notebook 14 and reboot