Transferring Legacy VPP Accounts to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager

Log into Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager

Click on Settings

Click on Enrollment Information

Click on Invite VPP Program Facilitator under the heading Legacy VPP Accounts

Enter the Apple ID for the VPP Token you wish to integrate

An email will be sent to the email address associated with that Apple ID

Click on the join button contained within the email

Now you log into Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager with the AppleID for the VPP token you are adding

You will then upgrade the account to complete the login.

Next you need to transfer the licenses from the vpp token to an existing location.

Click on Settings - Apps and Books and click get started, select the location and it will then start transferring the licenses to that location.

The VPP Token for that location will get these new apps and licenses when it performs its next sync


As not all licenses may be transferred to your ASM / BSM token you should add your new token, that way as they are transferred the numbers in each token will update.

Step 1. Download the token from that Location within ASM ABM

Step 2. Log into the SyAM the MDM and click Add next the existing VPP token

Step 3. Click on the browse button and select the downloaded token and then press OK

Step 4. Click on the Sync button, select full sync and press OK